The Equipment Series

This series of courses equips the exercise physiologist with the skills necessary to work in an equipment studio/rehabilitation setting/physiotherapy practice with Pilates.
These courses have been developed by a physiotherapist and will be tutored by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists and exercise scientists. Rehabilitation systems and an advanced understanding of applied anatomy to the stabilising systems will be included in these courses.

Equipment Pilates Courses - Accredited with ESSA

Our Courses are conducted in 3  levels for Pilates Equipment - the Reformer, the Trapeze table (Cadillac) and the Wunda chair.
Level one covers entry level beginners and rehabilitation exercises and guides exercise selection and prescription for an entry level client such as a beginner or one with back pain.

We integrate both Pilates principles and contemporary rehabilitation  principles of using neutral spine positions and slightly unstable positions to facilitate recruitment of the stabilizing system. This can be applied even in sub-acute pain situations safely and effectively.

We assist the newcomer to Pilates with tried and tested exercises , sometimes modified from original Pilates and provide programmes that we have found to be safe and effective.  
Level two covers the Pilates pre-assessment process, more exercise repertoire and the design and upgrade of client specific programmes. With the repertoire gained from level one work and previous practice of this work and then the level 2 repertoire skills in Pilates programme prescription and design can be refined.  
Level three is advanced exercises. This repertoire challenges the client further with complex movement patterns, unilateral patterns of movement, longer levers and more instability. This course is a must for clinicians dealing with athletes, manual workers or clients who stick to their Pilates and keep asking for more challenging routines. 

Equipment Intensive covers all three Equipment levels in a 5 day intensive course.


 Equipment Level 1                 $682 (Students)   15 Points                      
  $890 + GST (Non-Students)
Equipment Level 2 $682 (Students) 14 Points
  $890 + GST (Non-Students)
Equipment Level 3 $682 (Students) 14 Points
  $890 + GST (Non-Students)
Equipment Intensive  $1,760 (Students) 43 Points
$2,300 + GST(Non-Students)
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