Matwork Courses - Accredited with ESSA
These courses have been developed to up skill the exercise physiologist/scientists in the Pilates method. Pilates is proving to be an exercise system with enormous potential in areas as diverse as rehabilitation to peak performance in elite athletes.

The Equipment Series

This series of courses equips the exercise physiologist with the skills necessary to work in an equipment studio/rehabilitation setting/physiotherapy practice with Pilates.
These courses have been developed by a physiotherapist and will be tutored by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists and exercise scientists. Rehabilitation systems and an advanced understanding of applied anatomy to the stabilising systems will be included in these courses.

This course covers early rehabilitative and beginners exercises through to advanced exercises using small apparatus (Balls, Bands, Rollers, Rings and Oov). This apparatus can add more interest and at times either instability or support to your exercise repertoire. The exercises are based on Traditional Pilates with adaption’s onto small apparatus. 

This course teaches Pilates based  exercises for antenatal and postnatal women utilizing Matwork and Small Apparatus - Balls, Bands and Rings. Exercises have been selected that are safe for pregnancy right through to the end of the third trimester. 

Master classes / Refresher Courses in Clinical Pilates - Not accredited with ESSA

When you have been practicing Pilates for a while, its great to reflect, revise and update your knowledge and add a little more applied thinking to your clinical application.