Who is eligible to undertake courses with PIQ?

You must be a qualified physiotherapist, exercise physiologist/scientist or hold a relevant degree. Second year students and above of physiotherapy, exercise physiology/science are also welcome. Fitness professionals with Certificate 3 or 4 can enrol in the Matwork but not in the Equipment courses. They can also enrol in the Small Apparatus - Balls Bands Rollers and Rings course if they have already completed a Matwork course. Enrolment in the Small apparatus course is contingent upon the completion of the Matwork Level 1 course.

Do I need previous Pilates experience?


Who delivers the courses and are they accredited?

The courses are designed and delivered by APA Sports Physiotherapists. They are accredited by Exercise and Sport Science Australia, recognised by Fitness Australia and earn points from the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

How do I enrol?

You need to enrol online by clicking on the "Enrol Now" link to fill out the online enrolment form.

What if I get sick and can not undertake or finish a course?

You can enrol in another course at a later date.

Do you allow payment plans?

Please call 07 3862 2322 to make arrangements.

Do you provide online courses?


Is there any pre-course preparation required?


What are the prerequisites to enrol in the Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy course?

Please refer to our Diploma Handbook.

I am from out of town, are there accommodations nearby?

People from out of town have the option of finding accommodation through Airbnb or stay in nearby hotels. People can also take the ferry to Bulimba from Teneriffe, New Farm or Hamilton.

What to bring?

Participants should bring their own mat (if taking one of the Matwork courses), large towel, water bottle and writing material. Training manuals will be provided.

What to wear?

Wear comfortable exercise clothing preferably tight as the exercises will be undertaken either on mat or equipment.


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Our face to face training courses have resumed! We are also offering live online Zoom training for Matwork, Small Apparatus and Pelvic floor function for people that live further away but still want to participate in our courses.